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Unplugging from the Matrix: Embracing Nature's Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World

If it were a perfect world, we’d live in harmony with the seasons and natural rhythm of nature. We'd wake up and go to bed with the sun. We'd eat foods we find in growing outside. We'd work less in the winter. But, let’s face it, most of us live in a modern society that is burnt out and always looking for how to do more in less time, and tends to make things more complicated. It’s funny to me that things like breathwork and getting outside in the sun etc. are becoming so popular these days because some neuroscientist says it’s good for you and it’s now “studied.” If you look back at ancient cultures and ancient medicine systems, these folks have had it right all along, without the power of the internet. Now, don’t get me wrong I appreciate and value all the studies and research that are now proving nature is good for you. But let’s be real…This isn’t new, this isn’t some modern biohacking trick, this is living a balanced life like nature intended. It’s getting back to our roots. It’s getting back to being human, not machines.

I know I’ve referenced this before and I’m sure I’ll quote it again… however, I believe this to my core... "we are just more complicated houseplants".

So, let’s keep it simple. Heere are a few ways to get healthy, rooted in nature, now backed by science…

  1. Get outside, morning sun for bonus points

  2. Move your body, outside for bonus points

  3. Drink water and eat foods from the earth

  4. Start preparing for sleep when the sun goes down and don’t stay up too late with artificial light

  5. Take a few moments to check in and breathe deeply throughout your day, bonus points if you can go outside and breathe

Get back to your roots for you, because when you slow down and tune in, you will know what's best for you.


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