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Helping You Feel Your Best So You Can Breathe Easy
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Trained in 5 Element Acupuncture, we use the wisdom from nature and the bodies own internal resources to heal itself from the inside-out. 


Cups are suctioned to the body stimulating lymph and blood circulation in an area.  Cupping can help decrease muscle tension and knots, remove toxins, and help the body fight off colds/flus.


Acupuncture using electrical stimulation to help correct muscle dysfunction, decreases pain, improve range of motion, enhances performance, and recovery.



Move with your breath to increase flexibility, strength, and mindfulness from the comfort of your mat.


Acupuncture needles are inserted into tight muscle bands and trigger points, causing a twitch response of the muscle,  to release knots and muscle tension.

Yoga at Home

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Meet Tiffany


Licensed Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher


Hi! I'm Tiffany and Welcome to Breathe Easy Wellness.


I am committed to helping people live a more balanced, active, and fulfilling life.


I take your health and wellness seriously. My approach is client-centered and my treatment plans are not one size fits all. I will listen carefully to your concerns, complete a thorough assessment, and develop a custom treatment plan unique to your individual needs. We will work together to get you back to your best self. 


I am passionate about helping those who want to keep moving through life happily and with less pain (physical, mental, or emotional). Whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior,  parent, or grandparent who wants to keep up with their children,  I am here to help. 


I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and work with you soon.

Connect With Us @breatheeasywellness


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Tel. 843-410-9821

Located on James Island, SC
424 Folly Road #2
Charleston, SC 29412

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