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Health, Wellness, & Nutrition Coaching

Our health and wellness coaching is designed to help guide you to the healthier life that YOU always wanted, not what the magazines tell us it looks like. There is more to health and wellness than just eating well too.  Various factors that contribute to our well-being include relationships, finances, spirituality, nutrition, sleep, exercise and so much more. My goal is to support you in WHOLE health. Together we will co-create your plan to turn your goals into actions. By making little changes, overtime, we can make a big difference


An initial session will consists of 45-minute video conversation, follow-up email recapping our session and next steps, and additional resources when necessary. Follow up sessions are approximately 30 minutes.


Sessions may include, but not limited, recommendations relating to nutrition, daily habits, yoga, movement, mindfulness exercises, acupressure, and self massage. 


Are you ready to make a change and live the life you always wanted?

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