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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Help your employees, co-workers, and workplace grow both professionally as well as in mind and body. Today's work world is getting more demanding and the days are not getting any longer. It's becoming more difficult for people to find proper work/life balance. Improved health and wellness at the workplace often yields fewer sick days as well as provides a happier and healthier work enviroment.

Corporate wellness may Include:

-Community acupuncture

- Group classes 

- Meditation 

- Chair yoga or yoga at your desk  

- Specialty workshops

How can we help your company breathe easy?

Health Coaching

My health coaching program is designed to help you discover what fills you up and leads you to a healthier life. Health coaching is session based. Each session consists of a 45-minute telephone or FaceTime/Skype conversation, a follow-up email, and email support between sessions. Additional resources will be sent to you as needed. My goal is to support you in overall health. There are various factors that contribute to our health (i.e., relationships, finances, spirituality, nutrition, exercise, etc). Together we will design a plan to turn your goals into actions and create movement where you may be stuck. Are you ready to upgrade your life? 

Email me for a free 15-minute consultation to help you decide if health coaching is for you.

Health Coaching
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