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I have been to Breathe Easy Wellness several times to receive acupuncture for various aliments. It is a warm welcoming and soothing environment. Tiffany is extremely professional in a friendly confident and soothing manner. Her technique is excellent and typically I am unaware of the needles being inserted. Each treatment has been highly successful in results. I feel considerably better after each visit. One time while being treated for pain I mentioned that I felt a cold coming on and was very congested. She applied two needles and relieved my congestion almost immediately. The cold came on very weak and was gone in no time. I strongly recommend Breathe Easy Wellness for any reason one might seek treatment.

Steve Daniller

October 2018

I have been doing online yoga with Tiffany for two years. I have a standing appointment time and I practice personally with her through FaceTime. She guides me through a routine watching my movements, paying attention to the details of my movements. I love having a one on one time with her in the comfort of my own home. This allows me to practice yoga with an instructor that has personalized the routine for me. I can take the same routine and practice it during the week. Having Tiffany design routines to fit my needs has made me stronger, flexible and more aware of my body. As a female in my late 50s, I want to stay healthy and strong. She has made this fun, challenging and beneficial! Her fees are extremely reasonable for the personal attention, care and guidance you receive.

P. VanKovering

Current Member since 2014

Last year I was playing golf with a friend in California who I hadn't seen in years. He looked incredibly fit and was outdriving me by 40 yards. When I asked him how much he was lifting to get in that shape he told me he gave up weights due to frequent injuries and has only been doing yoga for the last several years. When I returned home I searched the internet for an individual yoga instructor near my home and met Tiffany. I initially thought I would take some individual lessons to get started and then join a class. However, the classes never gave very personalized instruction and I felt intimidated by the many more advanced students. The schedule of classes was also frequently inconvenient. I began individual sessions in my home once a week and very quickly decided to meet with Tiffany twice a week. My flexibility has improved dramatically as has my core strength and general fitness. I try to do modified workouts in between our scheduled sessions. Although I haven't had other individual instructors I found Tiffany to be extremely personable and knowledgeable. The sessions are fun, are individualized to my abilities and she is very attentive to potential strains and discomfort so I can progress without injuring myself. As a 63 year old physician, I have found yoga with Tiffany to be wonderfully beneficial to me physically and mentally. Tiffany's fees are extremely reasonable and the convenience can't be beat. I'm encouraging my wife to begin sessions and highly recommend yoga with Tiffany to anyone who is looking to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.


Pikesville, MD

I love Tiffany's yoga class at the Church on the Square.  The class is great for all levels. If you are just a beginner at yoga or an experienced yogi you will love the class. Tiffany modifies harder poses for less experience yogi. Every class is different, and the hour goes by way to fast. The Church on the Square however is not my first experience with Tiffany's yoga class. I had a knee injury and after talking to my surgeon about ways to avoid surgery he prescribed physical therapy 3 times a week. Although the therapy worked I was in a great deal of pain after the therapy. My doctor knew about restorative yoga, and told me to make sure my instructor was certified.  I scheduled my first session with Tiffany a few days latter. I walked into my private class in pain, and walked out pain free. Tiffany was also able to give me poses to relieve the pain from Sciatic Nerve. I have not been to a chiropractor in over two years. After many months of restorative yoga I can now take a class on the square. My progress has been life changing. BTW I am in my late 50's so no excuses everyone. I tried something new and I got my life back. I am able to hike and swim and I am pain free. I was taking painkillers when I started my yoga practice. I have not taken as much as an aspirin in over a year. If you want a good quality of life try Yoga at the Church on the Square. The classes are the most affordable in the area.  Tiffany always shows up cheerful and ready to teach her students.

K. Gray

Glen Burnie, MD

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