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Join Tiffany Schaal and Katie Horner for a relaxing weekend away at the beautiful Hampton House, located on Harbor Island, South Carolina. 

Spring (Wood Element) Season

Spring is the time of year when the Low Country winter begins to fade and the yang energy increases as the yin energy decreases. There is an energetic awakening from winter to spring in your body. We will focus on tapping into the wood element which entails the qualities of hope, vision, and creativity. Come move with us as you break out of winter hibernation and get ready to burst and flourish this year.

Expect a restorative and nourishing weekend to disconnect and to reconnect to yourself on the beautiful Harbor Island. Our vision is to create an experience to support you on your journey of reconnecting to yourself through yoga, acupuncture, journaling, intention setting, and reflection.

The accommodations at the Hampton House include 2 guest rooms with a queen and bunk bed in each, a stainless steel kitchen, private boardwalk to the beach, golf cart, kayaks, front porch, and a screened-in back porch with stunning ocean views.

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